Gaza Conflict Incites Hackers To Attack Israeli Government Websites


The Gaza conflict has seen an increase in hacking attempts on websites belonging to the Israeli government. According to Finance Minister Yuval Steinitz, there are usually a couple of hundred hacking attempts a day, but all this has changed since the conflict in Gaza began last week, with around 44 million attempts to infiltrate the sites as of yesterday.

According to Steinitz, who says the majority of attacks are emanating from Israel and the Palestinian territories, one website succumbed for 10 minutes to a cyber assault before normal service was resumed. Most attacked are, unsurprisingly, websites linked to the Defense Ministry, but those of the President, Foreign Ministry, and Prime Minister have also been targeted.

On Saturday, the hacktivist network Anonymous claimed to have infiltrated hundreds of Israeli websites with its OpIsrael campaign. The previous night it used its Twitter account to say that it had wiped the database of the Bank of Jerusalem.

As well as the physical conflict–over 90 Palestinians have been killed and three Israelis since last Wednesday–there has been a battle royal to control the Internet, with fronts opening on just about every social media network, especially Twitter.